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Why Gaming Is Good for Your Mind and Body

Do you remember your first gaming experience? Was it on your console, PC, mobile phone, or tablet? Do you remember how great you felt after your first win? Most people don’t forget their first. If you ask around, you’ll probably find that most people received backlash from playing too many games. To date, most people still associate gaming as a complete waste of time and resources. But here’s what they don’t realize – they have it all wrong!

Benefits of Gaming

Have you ever noticed how you can’t see anything else around you when you’re concentrating on a game? It’s similar to the level of concentration required when watching an engaging TV program or reading an exciting book. This is because to play a game successfully, your brain needs to become fully engaged. And when this happens, great things start to occur as a result.

Breaking Bad Habits

Did you know that gaming can help you break whatever bad habits you may have? Unbelievable, right? You probably have read enough health magazines to try to help you curb that nicotine addiction, but nothing seems to work. Try gaming. A 2014 study done by the American Cancer Society in conjunction with Brown University and Stony Brook University, revealed that smokers who were deprived of nicotine could reduce their cravings by solving puzzles or playing games with their partners. How? The MRI scans performed on the participating couples’ brains revealed that cooperative play and playful puzzle-solving activated reward centers similar to nicotine.

Most games are designed to reward players who manage to complete challenges. Gamers take a lot of pride in completing all difficulties set and achieving the ultimate champion title. There’s a famous saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Doesn’t that make more sense now? The next time you feel like you’re about to succumb to a craving, distract yourself with your favorite game!

Gaining Control of Your Memory

Many of us have traumatic memories that we’d like to forget. What’s worse is these memories always find a way to creep into our minds in the most unexpected moments or due to triggers around us. What if your psychiatrist prescribed to you a puzzle to solve rather than some pills? A group of Oxford students performed an experiment that proved playing challenging games can help you control past trauma recollections. They showed the participants a sequence of graphic images that triggered painful memories. They then divided the participants into two groups. One group played Tetris for about ten minutes, while the other did nothing.

When the group was recalled for a review one week later, the researchers found that the group that played Tetris experienced half as many gruesome flashbacks as the group that didn’t play. The group that played showed significantly lower symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The study also revealed that pattern matching games were more effective for people with PTSD than other games since they exercise the brain’s visual processing power. This, in turn, successfully disrupts the brain’s involuntary visual memories (flashbacks).

Reducing Anxiety

A study was done by researchers at the New Jersey Medical School, proving that games can significantly reduce children’s anxiety as they prepare for a doctor’s appointment. The children were allowed to play hand-held video games before heading into surgery. They showed no signs of stress before the surgery and after the procedure compared to their counterparts who didn’t play any games. Playing video games reassigned the kids’ focus, thus distracting them from getting scared.

Improving Your Resilience

Anyone who’s played games knows that losing a game is not the end of the world. You can always restart and try again with a different approach. Adopting a similar mindset in your day-to-day life can significantly help you deal with stressful situations. Your brain will start to recognize that there are different approaches to handling challenges. Things that once seemed overwhelming or impossible will no longer look as terrifying. You will also become less afraid of failing, and, in turn, you’ll become more resilient!

Final Thoughts

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